I am a years old student of Mechatronic Engineering at Polytechnic University of Turin, where I received a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering in 2015. I am about to complete my Master's degree in Mechatronic Engineering

My main interests are related to robotics, machine learning, and infosec.

I work at Objective Software, an IT company specialized in automotive development with a strong focus on Autonomous Driving, where I am currently involved in both production and research activities.

Every field of computer science is interesting to me, thus I often jump back and forth between low-level stuff and high-level novelties. Currently, I am more focused on Deep Learning due to the surprising results achieved every day by the community. And the math behind machine learning in general is awesome.

My language of choice is modern C++, python is my swiss army knife. But I love to try new languages, specially the functional ones.

The name of the blog comes from Serial Experiments Lain, which had a huge influence on me when I was a child, introducing me into Art. Since then, I liked slow-paced movies (Antonioni, Tarkovsky, Kubrick, S. Coppola).

I listen to Math Rock and downtempo electronic music.

Write me at clynamen@gmail.com